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Editorial Board
  • Prof. Marcello Lappa

    University of Strathclyde, UK

    Interests: fluid motion and stability behavior, incompressible, compressible and hypersonic fluid-dynamics, viscoelastic liquids, organic and inorganic materials sciences and crystal growth, multiphase flows, solidification, high-temperature gas-dynamics, particle dynamics in fluid flow, biotechnology and biomechanics, methods of numerical analysis in computational fluid dynamics and heat/mass transfer, high performance computing

Associate Editors
  • Assoc. Prof. Mohammad Hatami

    Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, IRAN

    Interests: renewable energy, heat recovery, nanofluids, internal combustion engines, modeling and optimization

  • Assoc. Prof. Iskander Tlili

    Majmaah University, SAUDI ARABIA

    Interests: modelling and design of thermal engine for solar application, remote sensing and gis for water management and renewable energy, theoretical and experimental study of a solar desalination unit, energetic and exergetic analysis of thermal machine, optimization and modeling of thermal exchanger, cogeneration & trigeneration systems, nanofluid flow

Editorial Board Members
  • Prof. Valentina Shevtsova

    University of Bruxelles, The Kingdom of Belgium

    Interests: material sciencephysicsfluid mechanicsmiscible liquidsvibration

  • Prof. Ziad Saghir

    Ryerson University, CANADA

    Interests: heat, fluid flow and mass transfer

  •  Prof. You-Rong Li

    Chongqing University, CHINA 

    Interests: thermal energy utilization, convective heat transfer and mass transfer, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, stability and instability mechanism of thermal convection process, interface energy transfer

  • Prof. Mark Sussman

    Florida State University, USA

    Interests: deforming boundary problems computational fluid dynamics multiphase flow

  • Prof. Sergey Utyuzhnikov

    University of Manchester, UK 

    Interests: fluid mechanics, computational fluid mechanics computational fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering, engineering, applied and computational mathematics, CFD simulation, numerical simulation, engineering thermodynamics, turbulence, numerical modeling

  • Prof. Kai Li

    Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

    Interests: microgravity fluid physics, interfacial phenomena, heat and mass transfer process and its control in crystal growth systems, computational fluid dynamics

  • Prof. Khellil Sefiane

    University of Edimburgh, UK

    Interests: multiphase flows, interfaces and phase change from nano- to macro-scales

  • Dr. Marius Stan

    Argonne National Laboratory, USA

    Interests: Artificial intelligence, materials engineering

  • Prof. Alexander Gelfgat

    Tel Aviv University, ISRAEL

    Interests: fluid mechanics, cfd simulation, numerical modeling, computational fluid dynamics

  • Prof. Dingyi Pan

    Zhejiang University, CHINA

    Interests: on-newtonian fluid mechanics, rheology of complex fluids, multiphase fluid mechanics, mesoscopic scale numerical simulation

  • Prof. Alexander Nepomnyashchy

    Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, ISRAEL

    Interests: application of the theory of nonlinear waves and solitons to physics and fluid mechanics. nonlinear stability theory of viscous and convection flows. pattern formation and stability. generation of large-scale structures. dynamics and interaction of defects and localized structures. generation of chaos in distributed systems. thermogravitational and thermocapillary convection in systems with interfaces. microgravity phenomena

  • Prof. Koichi Nishino

    Yokohama National University, JAPAN

    Interests: thermocapillary convection, liquid bridges, prandtl number, jet impingement, heat transfer, swirling

  • Prof. Tatyana Lyubimova

    Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIA

  • Prof. Jingtao Wang

    Tianjin University, CHINA

    Interests: emulsions, rheology, soft materials, fluid, computational fluid dynamics

  • Prof. Mohammed EL GANAOUI

    University of Lorraine, FRANCE

    Interests: heat and mass transfers

  • Prof. Dimitris Drikakis

    University of Nicosia, CYPRUS

    Interests: fluid dynamics, aerodynamics and gas dynamics, transition, turbulence and turbulent mixing, acoustics, heat and mass transfer, nanoscience, fluid/solid interfaces, computational fluid dynamics, computational science, multiscale processes

  • Prof. Zhengtong Xie

    University of Southampton, UK

    Interests: large-eddy simulation for flow, scalar dispersion and heat transfer over a group of bluff bodies, modelling interaction of fluid and slender structures, e.g. long-span bridges, high-rise buildings, large wind-turbine blades

  • Prof. Rachid Bennacer

    Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, FRANCE

    Interests: energythermal buildingmaterialsanisothermal fluid mechanics

  • Prof. Sergey Galkin

    Perm National Research Polytechnic University, RUSSIA

    Interests: study of filtration and reservoir properties of rocks of oil fields, including the study of rock fracturing, methods of increasing the oil recovery coefficient, propant hydraulic fracturing with an assessment of the mechanical properties of rocks, development of preformed particle gel (ppg) with an assessment of their strength and filtration properties

  • Dr. Abdul Aabid

    Prince Sultan University, SAUDI ARABIA

    Interests: repair of aircraft structures using a composite patch, & pzt actuator, experimental, numerical, analytical, & doe methods, mechanical/aerospace eng. the major collaboration in control of flows using cfd method

  • Prof. Seyed Soheil Mousavi Ajarostaghi

    Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, IRAN

    Interests: lattice boltzmann method, heat exchangers and thermal storage system-phase change material (pcm)

  • Assoc. Prof. Mamdouh El Haj Assad

    University of Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    Interests: thermal engineering, engineering thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, numerical simulation, numerical modeling, modeling and simulation, numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, cfd simulation

  • Dr. Sushovan Chatterjee

    Cooch Behar Government Engineering College, INDIA

    Interests: stress analysis on industrial pipelines, alternative fuels for i.c. engine

  • Prof. Yihua Cao

    Beihang University, CHINA

    Interests: aerodynamics, flight dynamics, flight control, aircraft, aeronautics, computational fluid dynamics

  • Dr. Junjia Cui

    Hunan University, CHINA

    Interests: mechanical properties, mechanical behavior of materials, materials processing

  • Dr. Franco Concl

    Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, ITALY

    Interests: cfd simulation, lubrication, stress analysis

  • Prof. Xuewen Cao

    China University of Petroleum (East China), CHINA

    Interests: multiphase flow and oil and gas field gathering and transportation technology

  • Dr. Xiongbo Duan

    Hunan University, CHINA

    Interests: performance, combustion and emissions characteristics of the engine fulled with nature gas, hydrogen, ethanol and gasoline and their blends

  • Assoc. Prof. Kuanhai Deng

    Southwest Petroleum University, CHINA

    Interests: his research area is mechanics and corrosion of octg (oil country tubular goods), oil well construction engineering and well integrity. he is technical director of key lab for tubular goods engineering of china national petroleum corporation

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed R. Eid

    New Valley University, EGYPT

    Interests: heat and mass transfer, nanofluids, fluid mechanics, nanofluids

  • Dr. Antonio Esposito

    University of Naples, ITALY

    Interests: turbulent channel flow, isotropic turbulence, direct numerical simulation

  • Prof. Ming Gao

    Shandong University, CHINA

    Interests: three-dimensional fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, especially energy-saving research of thermal/nuclear/renewable energy power plants

  • Dr. Azizollah Khormali

    Gonbad Kavous University, IRAN

    Interests: scale formation and prevention, demulsification and corrosion inhibition, formation damage, water flooding, stimulation and hydraulic fracturing

  • Dr. Hui Liu

    China University of Petroleum, CHINA

    Interests: numerical well testing program, discrete fracture methods, complex fracture networks, 3d unstructured grid

  • Dr. Taseer Muhammad

    King Khalid University, SAUDI ARABIA

    Interests: computational fluid dynamics, newtonian and non-newtonian fluids, heat and mass transfer, fluid with nanoparticles

  • Dr. Stefano Mungiguerra

    University of Naples, ITALY

    Interests: hybrid rocket engines, test firing, liquid oxidizers, zirconium carbides, spark plasma sintering, carbothermal reduction

  • Prof. Fateh Mebarek-Oudina

    University of 20 Août 1955-Skikda, ALGERIA

    Interests: nanofluids, mhd, cfd, rotating flows, magnetized nanoparticles, hydrodynamic stability, hybrid-nanofluids, modeling and simulation, energy…

  • Dr. Xiang Rao

    Yangtze University, CHINA

    Interests: intelligent development and production optimization technology of oil and gas reservoirs, numerical simulation and numerical calculation method of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs

  • Prof. Fuping Qian

    Anhui University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: numerical simulation of gas-solid two-phase flow characteristics, fine particle control theory and technology of building environment, optimization of ventilation and dust removal system and equipment

  • Prof. Kirti Chandra Sahu

    Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, INDIA

    Interests: clouds and raindrops, multiphase and interfacial _x005f_x005f_x005f_x005f_x001E_uid mechanics, linear stability theory and pattern formation, micro- and bio-_x001E_uid mechanics, electrohydrodynamics

  • Assoc. Prof. Bing Wang

    Jianghan University, CHINA

    Interests: computational fluid dynamics and experimental fluid dynamics

  • Dr. Hao Yi

    Chongqing University, CHINA

    Interests: 3d printing and additive manufacturing, green manufacturing, production research

  • Dr. Jin Yang

    Hubei University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: steam-cured precast concrete product, internal curing for high performance concrete, mechanical grinding and activation, resource utilization of solid wastes, geopolymers

  • Assoc. Prof. Yu Zhou

    North China Electric Power University, CHINA

    Interests: engineering application of fluid mechanics, direct air-cooling technology, aerosol propagation characteristics papers

  • Dr. Jiang Bian

    China University of Petroleum (East China), CHINA

    Interests: CFD simulation, separation techniques, natural gas processing, chemical engineering, fluid mechanics, environment protection, multiphase flow, erosion, modeling and simulation, condensation

  • Dr. Franco Concli

    Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, PAKISTAN   

    Interests: finite element analysis, design engineering, computational fluid dynamics CFD simulation, stress analysis, cad, structural analysis, mechatronics, numerical simulation, computational fluid mechanics

  • Dr. M. Ijaz Khan

    Riphah International University, PAKISTAN

    Interests: nonlinear dynamics, fluid mechanics computational fluid dynamics, numerical simulation, numerical analysis, engineering, applied and computational mathematics, mathematical modelling, stability analysis, computational fluid mechanics, turbulence

  • Prof. Law Chung Lim

    University of Nottingham Malaysia, CHINA 

    Interests: wastewater treatment, process development process engineering, chemical reaction engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, processing, chemical technology, water purification technologies, chemical processes

  • Dr. Alam Md. Mahbub

    Harbin Institute of Technology, CHINA 

    Interests: fluid mechanics, aerodynamics flow, experimental fluid mechanics

  • Prof. Mohammad M.Rahman

    Sultan Qaboos University, OMAN 

    Interests: heat transfer, fluids, boundry layer flow

  • Prof. Mengjie Song

    Beijing Institute of Technology, CHINA 

    Interests: solar, thermal comfort frosting, defrosting, solidification of water droplet, phase change materials, heat exchangers

  • Dr. Davood Toghraie

    Khomeinishahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, IRAN

    Interests: fluid mechanics, CFD simulation, numerical simulation, turbulence, numerical modeling, modeling and simulation, thermal engineering, heat exchangers, mechanical properties

  • Dr. Jingying Wang

    Shandong University, CHINA

    Interests: hypersonics, hemodynamics, CFD

  • Prof. Ting Ye

    Jilin University, CHINA

    Interests: red blood cells, simulation modeling, fluid, microcirculation, mechanics, simulation and modeling, simulation modeling, mathematical programming, modeling and simulation

  • Dr. Huailei Cheng

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CHINA

    Interests: finite element analysis, asphalt material structual behaviour, pavement engineering

  • Dr. Mahmud Zul Hanif Mohd

    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, MALAYSIA

    Interests: Porous asphalt, pavement materials, acoustic behaviour, transportation

  • Assoc. Prof. Jiwang Jiang

    Southeast University, CHINA

    Interests: Asphalt pavement, multiscale modelling, image analysis

  • Prof. Tianbiao He

    Zhejiang University, CHINA

    Interests: Energy system design and optimization, LNG cold energy utilization, liquefied natural gas technology, gas hydrate technology, desalination

  • Dr. Sabyasachi Mondal

    Department of Mathematics, Amity University Kolkata, INDIA

    Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, nanofluid flow, boundary value problem

  • Assoc. Prof. Yan Su

    University of Macau, MACAU

    Interests: Heat transfer, thermal dispersion in porous medium, computational fluid dynamics renewable energy systems, statistical and computational physics, indoor air quality, phase change materials

  • Dr. Gazy Faissal Saloomy AL-SUMAILY

    University of Technology Baghdad, IRAQ

    Interests: Convection heat transfer, fluid dynamics, porous media, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems design, computational fluid dynamics

  • Assoc. Prof. Suoying He

    Shandong University, CHINA

    Interests: Fluid dynamics in thermal engineering, heat and mass transfer enhancement, dry/wet/hybrid cooling (R&D), Low-carbon energy and new technologies for energy conservation

  • Prof. Jianxin Xu

    Kunming University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Low temperature waste heat utilization, digital image processing, flow and heat transfer, data mining, direct contact heat transfer

  • Prof. Jingyu Xu

    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

    Interests: Multiphase fluid dynamics, petroleum engineering

  • Assis. Prof. Kürşat Gülteki̇n

    Ondokuz Mayıs University, TURKEY

    Interests: Material characterization, nanomaterials, nanotechnology, polymers, nanocomposites

  • Assoc. Prof. Yijiang Wang

    China University of Mining & Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Geopolymer concrete, thermal insulation, thermal environment, laser cracking, phase change materials, heat transfer enhancement, thermoelectric materials, heat & mass transfer

  • Dr. Tian Li

    Southwest Jiaotong University, CHINA

    Interests: Train aerodynamics, CFD and engineering application

  • Dr. M. Edwin

    University College of Engineering, Nagercoil, INDIA

    Interests: Renewable energy, hybrid energy, solar energy, bio energy, gasification technology, fluid & heat transfer flow, dual fuel engine, bio hydrogen, fuel cell, thermal engineering, refrigeration

  • Dr. Xingsen Guo

    University College London, UK

    Interests: Marine geotechnical engineering and geo-disasters, marine engineering geology and environment, hydrodynamics, non-Newtonian fluid, CFD, turbidity current, gravity flow, fluid-structure interaction, sediment plume, pipes and piles

  • Dr. Alessio Ricci

    University School for Advanced Studies IUSS, Pavia, ITALY

    Interests: Wind engineering, urban physics, climate change, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, wind structures, aerosol/pollutant dispersion, ventilation

  • Dr. Zhenghua Yan

    Simtec Soft Sweden, SWEDEN

    Interests: CFD simulation, numerical methods, turbulence modeling, turbulent combustion modeling, thermal radiation, conjugate heat transfer, CFD software development, parallel computing, heterogeneous computing

  • Prof. Xuemin Ye

    North China Electric Power University, CHINA

    Interests: Fluid dynamics, fluid machinery, new energy technology

  • Assoc. Prof. Ding Luo

    China Three Gorges University, CHINA

    Interests: Thermoelectric, thermal management, waste heat recovery

  • Prof. Baoyu Ni

    Harbin Engineering University, CHINA

    Interests: Hydrodynamics, ice-water-ship interactions, design of polar ships, etc.

  • Assoc. Prof. Jialong Jiao

    South China University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Naval architecture, ocean engineering, marine hydrodynamics, ship hydrodynamics, ship seakeeping, wave loads, fluid-structure interaction, hydroelasticity, water waves, CFD simulation, potential flow theory

  • Prof. Kaiwei Chu

    Shandong University, CHINA

    Interests: Process modelling and optimisation, modelling of particle-fluid flows, CFD-DEM

  • Prof. Yan Li

    Northeast Agricultural University, CHINA

    Interests: Keywords of research interest: Wind turbine aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, superhydrophobic coating materials

  • Dr. Danilo Durante


    Interests: Hydrodynamics, CFD Simulation, numerical modeling

  • Dr. Yi Xue

    Xi'an University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Unconventional energy development, multi-phase flow, thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling

  • Dr. Can huang

    North China University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: moothed particle hydrodynamics, fluid-Structure Interactions, multi-phase Flow; ocean engineering, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics

  • Dr. S.O. Salawu

    Bowen University, NIGERIA

    Interests: Fluid dynamic, combustion systems, modeling and simulations

  • Dr. Jianjun Xu

    Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

    Interests: Computational multiphase flows, Numerical analysis and scientific computing

  • Dr. Heng Gu

    Jiangsu University, CHINA

    Interests: Laser material processing; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); cellular automaton (CA); metal additive manufacturing

  • Prof. Yufeng Nie

    Northwestern Polytechnical University, CHINA

    Interests: Finite element methods, mesh generation, numerical analysis

  • Dr. Huihuan Ma

    Sun Yat-sen University, CHINA

    Interests: Marine civil engineering, complex steel structure and intelligent civil engineering

  • Prof. Jiakuan Xu

    Northwestern Polytechnical University, CHINA

    Interests: Transition/turbulence modeling, flow instability, computational fluid dynamics, laminar flow design of aircraft

  • Dr. Zijue Tang

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CHINA

    Interests: Additive manufacturing, directed energy deposition, laser processing, molten pool monitoring

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